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NOTE:  We get cats very regularly, nearly daily. As we are mainly volunteer run it can be hard to keep the cat section 100% up-to-date every day.  Please check our Facebook page for the most up-to-date adoptables or come in for a visit during our hours. (Tuesday - Saturday, 9-3:00 PM


Pre-approved for kitten adoptions?

If you are in the market for a kitten or even casually considering one, we recommend getting an application preapproved. Kittens move fast! Dr. Floof and Domino went home immediately when we opened this morning with adopters who got approved months ago. They were adopted before we even got a chance to process the MOUNTAIN of applications we got for them in a matter of hours yesterday. If you're preapproved, you can come right in and take home the kitten that catches your eye before someone else does.

Autumn and October 1 yo (f)

These two are barn cat rescues.

Current Cats:

Daisy 4 yo (f)

Baby 6 yo (m)

Lexi (F) age unknown

Lexi is a sweet big girl that was recently returned to shelter because the other cats she lived with were bullying her.  She is looking for a laid back furever home.

Big Shot (M) 2 yo

Neutered male, approximately 2 years old. Very sweet and snuggly

Mishu (M) 10 yo

 Mishu, long haired orange male, neutered, 10 years old. Better in a quiet home

Madame Sweetie (F) 12+ yo

Madame Sweetie, calico female, super sweet, just wants to be snuggled and held.


 This lady is Jinx. She is Dr. Floofenstein and Domino's momma. She is a sweet, laid back house panther. She is a big girl with an exotic look. You have to meet her to fully appreciate her!


Lily (short haired tabby and white female) 8 years old. Sweet but needs to be the only cat in the home

Lola (F) 12 yo

 Lola (another calico female) around 12 years old, sweet but timid. Will need a patient, quiet home


We have a lot of kittens coming available. If you would like to adopt a kitten please download our adoption form and email it to us before coming in, so that we can more quickly help you along in your adoption process.  Alternatively, you can print the adoption form and bring it in with your visit. Please note our hours before making the journey.


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Senior cat (F) - 10 years

10 year old female. We usually ask that our kitties be indoor only, but this old gal is set in her ways and would like to be be an indoor/outdoor pet.

Madame Sweetie F 12 yo

Perfect lap cat, absolutely loves to snuggle